grey sweats forever

I don't know what it is about a classic grey sweatshirt that gets me all in a tizzy but I absolutely love them. I LOVE THEM. At this point I may have bought too many but I cannot seem to stop. I feel like they go with any color, not as harsh as black and you really can't tell if the get dirty. With everyone getting stoked about festivals and world championships, and le tour de france, I can't resist my inner tomboy who want to pop open a couple of brewskies and enjoy the game or the tunes or whatever! With the fourth of July right around the corner I'm reminded of Lisa Simpson when she tried to become "cool" while on vacation. I mean her summer looks was just the tops, and her indifferent attitude matches my summer goal of being chill and supporting my local (or non local) team. I was surfing the web for more sweaters and I saw this Liverpool sweater from Simons. Even though Liverpool isn't playing the world cup per se, I still totally love it. Plus in Chicago, it doesn't always get hot hot hot consistently so a grey sweatshirt is a perfect accessory for when temps drop and you need something to cover up without feeling too hot. Hail the grey sweatshirt and the indifferent summer attitude. I'll be serious in September.


  1. Grey sweatshirts in July.... It amuses me how different it is in different parts of the world...because I just could not imagine that here. lol However, the comfort of it sounds quite amazing.

    Love the illustration, btw!

  2. YES!! I definetly agree. I own at least 5 grey sweaters that I could dress up or down and I wouldn't have it any other way. I think a great hat will always spruce up the look as well. Check out Dahlia's Summer Sun Hat styling guide and collection and let me know what you think...

    Love The Looks As Always

  3. I don't know what it is about a classic grey sweatshirt that gets me all in a ...


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