Get your leather ON

workshirt: madewell (similar cut, similar color) 
sweats: ross (similar) (similar)
jersey motorcycle jacket: mom's (similar) (similar)
faux suede loafers: forever 21

I promise you, with these clothes on I felt like Karen O singing "Zero" in a dewy fall evening. I kind of put these clothes together on a whim, they feel so pajama-y. These comfy but COOL sweats (that I got for $9 bucks at Ross THATS how you try a trend haha) this boy shirt from madewell, and even though this jacket looks leather it's actually jersey! Super comfy, extra cool! I went dress like this to Dave's little sister college football game down in southern illinois. (she's in the band) I'll admit I totally felt like I should've been making out behind the bleechers than cheering on the home team. Unfortunately the kids lost, but everyone loved my hair I didn't even notice the game! (Bonus purple was the school color so all the parents thought I was alumni haha!) Dave's lil sis friends thought I was a total badass which is such a laugh! Little do they know I was the dweeb in school! Oh how times have changed. But I'm really not that cool at all, I still spend my weekends eating cereal, watching cartoons, and playing video games. But now no one can tell me "no" or "go study' CUZ I'S AN ADULT! Oh how wonderful it is, isn't it? (insert paramore haha!)

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  1. Haha I enjoy cartoon watching and video games on the weekend too. Hooray adulthood!
    Anyway, you look so comfy and cute in this outfit. I love how you styled these sweat pants with the awesome leather jacket and fun top.

    Jamie |

    1. Thank you! Yeah I totally wore this all weekend! don't tell anyone!

  2. I love this! Your hair looks stunning too xo

  3. This outfit it SO KILLER

  4. superb! Really nice post sis, excited to see more xx Peach

  5. I love your outfit! I also love that you really show that it doesn't have to push your budget to look amazing!!!!!!!!


  6. LOVE this look and these photos are incredible!


  7. Love the sweats. I've been meaning to investigate the sweat pants/sportswear bottoms trend but the fear of being mistaken for pyjamas is quite high...thanks for the outfit inspiration ;) PS I'm glad someone else also eats cereal and watches cartoons on a weekend.


  8. I love the soft and hard combination you have going on with this outfit. I am trying to incorporate more of that into my wardrobe.

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  9. Loving the sweats. Bet they are really comfortable.

    Eea P


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