Take a chill pill

Good news guys! I WON THAT TRIP TO LONDON!! I've been so busy and excited about it, I totally forgot to tell you. (that's why you should follow me on instagram) I've been so so soooo busy finishing up work, taking on new jobs, making jewelry.  I've been doing anything and everything accept one viable thing. RESTING. My mom recently told me that "going to London will do you no good if you're sick" Which she's right. I'm exhausted. I've been up to 4am everyday for the past week or so, campaigning and working double shifts. But today I think I'm going to thrown in the towel! Even for my birthday, and all I wanted to do is grab a bottle of wine (like this champange blend from JJ Buckley, how celebratory!), turn on my favorite show on netflix and just veg out! Or maybe even a nice Chianti with my bubble bath. Whatever it is, I know I need rest! And if you're feeling like a candle that's burning on both ends maybe you should TREAT YO SELF too! (I reccomend moscato for girls night, I mean its lovely)  We aren't made to go on endlessly and forever. Let's not forget to R E L A X. Let tomorrow worry about itself!


  1. I love your illustrations :)


  2. Haha. Love the photo.

    Eea P


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