In the Jeans

As mentioned before I will always be a girl that loves the classic. I think because in my own head I believe I’m trotting around the Champs Elyse wearing the perfect gamine outfit of skinny jeans and a boyfriend shirt to meet some friends for coffee. Versus my IRL life of wanting to be comfortable and some what cool, as I go to the bodega for some ramen and sriracha (I’m so glamorous…)

Comfort will always be a priority with my clothing choices, not because I dream of looking like a soccer mom in yoga pants, but I between my active lifestyle of video gaming and biking on the lakeshore, to having some lower back issues - I need my pants to be COMFORTABLE, but cute! I refuse, REFUSE (regardless of how comfortable the lure of lululemon is) to look like I should be married to some yuppie pushing around his spawn in a Cadillac sized stroller. But some days I do dream of having some pants that don’t press SO HARD on my lower back and abdomen that I’m making bee lines for the restroom every hour on the hour. So when I discovered NYDJ I got excited about the possibility of a jean to be both cute and comfortable.

I know you’re like “how are jeans NOT comfortable”?! Well my friend, if you’re small in the waist, have no hips, BUT HAVE TONS OF JUNK IN THE TRUNK, jeans can be nothing but a nightmare. Gapping, too tight here, too loose here, it’s like jeans are better fit for tree trunks than an actual human body (sorry Groot).  So I flipped through the jeans for women at NYDJ and discovered their NYDJ Fit jeans. Claiming to make you one size smaller (I’m actually happy at my mysterious size of a 10-14) they promise to prevent those aggravating dressing room tear-causing issues of gapping, pulling, and WHY. Plus the color and styles have me already planning my next lunch date.

I like these Alina Leggings and Linda Leggings for my vampire weekends. The Ami super skinny are cute enough to sneak into work and pretend you’re wearing dress pants before you jet off to drink at your scuzziest dive bar. (Plus these bad boys are high in the mid waist! I hate low waist jeans, curses to you and your coin slot! I’m not a Pac-Man machine!!) I’m definitely going to have to give these guys a TRY! Which ones do you think I’d look super cute in? Which ones do you like? I will try them and report back, but so far ladies, so so good.


  1. Oh nice - I love that some of this are USA made, too!

  2. I totally agree with you.

    Eea P

  3. Cute post! A gamer girl...I'm shocked.

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