No time like the Holidays

As I mentioned before, the holidays are right around the corner and even though I always have a ton to do, I'm always on the lookout for the perfect gift. Something that is thoughtful and can serve as a reminder of our friendship. I don't want to give someone something that will easily be disregarded, nor something that doesn't suit the person I'm buying it for. For Halloween, Dave and I were astronauts, and as fun as it was to dress up in our space aged costume, Dave spent have his night obsessing over the details. Truth be told, he was bummed out that we didn't have matching watches the felt true to our characters. True to something astronauts would wear!  Something streamlined, yet efficient. It was his one night to change careers and be something totally different, and I was a little sad that his costume didn't measure up to what he truly wanted. Watching his eyes light up as he looked at watches he wished we had in time for our costumes, made me realize that a I.N.O.X watch would be a perfect gift for him this Christmas. I love it when gifts show how you pay attention to those you love, and I'm looking forward to surprising Dave with a watch this year. Now it's down to which watch would be the best fit for him. I really like the Chrono Classic, all the features and details are as complex as Dave, plus it feels like a wonderful statement piece that he can wear from work meetings to even formal events.

 At the same time (haha) I also really like the Night Vision watch. 

I appreciate the simplicity that I know Dave will like as well. He's a no fuss guy, wears button up nearly every day and likes all his outfit pieces to be simple in a uniform kind of way. One thing I adore about both watches is that the will be able to endure Dave, I.N.O.X prides themselves in being designed by Swiss Army so the are durable and can stand the test of time. This is no throw away gift, these watches are something that I'll be able to give Dave and he'll love for years. Something he can treasure and perhaps even pass it along to the next generation. And when I ask him what the time is, he won't just tell me to check my phone! Which watch do you prefer? Or maybe there's one that I didn't mention that you also think is awesome! Let me know in the comments below, happy holiday shopping!

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  1. I love them both but I think the second one is a little more classic.

    Eea P


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