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did you read the news today? Borders is going out of biznezz, and I couldn't care less. Well let me restate that. Sure I am sad that "reading" isn't as popular as is used to be, and yes even though I find myself conflicted towards books being replaced by technology, thus saving paper and trees but killing a wonderful moldy smelling medium. Plus, sure I do care about people losing their jobs and being unable to support themselves through grad school (bad stereotype....i kno theres REAL ppl who work at borders who support their families..:P) At the end of the day, I would be more upset to see small independent book stores fall through the cracks than mega big boxes like borders who tried to put them out of business in the first place.

And don't get me started on "seattles best" we all realize thats just starbucks in disguise right?

Regardless, I am excited to say adieu to borders because its because the one dwntwn is being replaced by a TOPSHOP (it will be the only other one in the US besides NYC!!), and I have been haunting the website and writing down my faves. But I noticed a trend on the the early spring banner they had on their site, and it got me thinking....


I been had green hair! Before it (haha...oh hipster me...DX) I did it back in 2k8-2k9 and now I'm thinking should I do it again?


In the tumblverse I am bombarded with pictures of grungy model-esque girls with green locks and I am tempted to re green myself. Just a few pieces I could tuck away if need be. I love the look! I love how its unexpected compared to pink or red. Its not flattering that it is is my inspo....


whattaya think? should I green the fro?

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