Oscar Farty

Every year, I have an oscar party, I've been having them since I was a wee one....


Nothing big just a few poo poo platters and some friends. It's always at my parents house because my mom is the one who started the tradition. I hope to always have them. Sometimes we dress up but this year I just stuck with an am appy dress (not pictured) I was feeling lazy & it was thunderstorming..so i felt like blaaah cooold...meeeeh


I made everything you see (mostly vegetarian because of my doing though I did make some hot wings for the kids) I even have my own oscar made from one of those figure drawing statues. Now its a hipster oscar....you love it.

some where complaining that this was the whitest oscars in 10 years, and not because of anne hathaway's pasty-ness but that not one black person was nominated. I bothers me at the same some it doesn't. I wish that we didn't always have to point out the "lucky-black-person" to be invited to the oscars but that we could all be seen as people. At the same time I realize that there are actors and actresses that are black that could have easily played some of the roles that were nominated such as michelle williams's character in blue valentine or mark ruffalo's character in the kids are all right. Keep in mind though not too many asians or latinos were honored as well, except for javier bardem (racism is an equal opportunity) sure it is/was black history month but you shouldn't have to feel obligated to just nominate black people for the sake of a crappy ignorable month were we recognize the same black historians on the shortest month year after year.

in the end I hope to never be seen as "the black vote" or "the black peoples choice" as a "black artist" or "black actor" I just want to be seen as a person, yes I'm black, get over it, i have... we never take the time to say "oh, but this was made by a white artist" "oooooh..good for her..."

lets just stop....(and yes, do put more black people in the media, and no they don't need to be a sassy overweight woman sidekick....we are just like white people I swear....)


on a light note...the kings speech one...and no black people, but that would have just been historically inaccurate..haha! Unless its the Tyler Perry version...

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