throw some balls...

not sure why i have been feeling this way all sunday. but i've been feeling crazy anxious. have you ever felt just unbelievable anxious, for no reason at all. like you forgot something. but you know you havent. like a compressed feeling in your chest, like you feel like crawling into a ball and sobbing all day under the sheets of your bed like a little child? thats me today i'm not really sure why i felt that way so my best friend figured we should go bowling. throwing stuff might make us all feel better. and it did for a while....

it was fun and strange being around "the bowling crowd" ... looking at exasperated parents, tween lovers and really serious older men via the big lebowski. regardless i reccomend it as a great a cheap (americana) outlet--its like 3 dollars... it helped calm my nerves even though i'm a terrible i got a 36...heh..

I feel blurry today....
(b4 i put on leggings and socks because i was going to be cold and bending over...)
dress thifted & remade by me ♥//sweater forever old//thigh highs american apparel

this whole week has been off beat for me, i've missed my bus and been late everyday, i missed an important meeting and i felt awkward in all my clothes...nothing seemed right, but hopefully next week will be better....i am a natural optimist (not looking forward to this "springing ahead" ordeal next week...ugh day light savings...UGH)

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