the british are coming, the british are coming!!

what i wore yesterday (sorry about the blurr fest :/)

This past weekend was spent with laffs with my dad. And we were even on the today show audience on Saturday! Saw capt Americana on Sat too (it was “ok” I mean not AMAZINGGGG, but decent! Potential….) Haha funnn, until I got heat stroke…BOOOOO. Now as stated before I got this weird cold/flu thing going on but I’m in good spirits. I’m back in Brooklyn house sitting until Monday, so I’m in BETTER SPIRITS than just sitting in that hot, dirty, roach infested, 4 female roommate hell hole. NEVER AGAIN NYU. NEVER AGAIN. Note to people wanted to come to NYC for the summer, SUBLET or something, NYU dorms are NASSSSTYY, and mad $$$$ FOR NO REASON OTHER THAN ITS NYU..>:(

Anyway, my daddy took me shoppin, early bday gifts of course. (waaaay early) I got some new work dresses (I’ll show later) And I also picked up these super cute shorts from TopShop. I’ve been wanting some more high waisted shorts (because I’ll wear shorts all year round) but the ones at American Apparel are like right under my boobs! I’m actually very short waisted and AAALLL LEGS, so I need high waisted shorts that give an illusion of high waist without being granny pants. Plus Am Appy is soooo pricey IMO…These topshop shorts were 75 but I got them for 27!! (On sale plus, student discount when you show your ID, haha I mean keep your IDs ppl even if you graduate!!) I’ve already gotten compliments at work ;) I love them. The Ben Sherman is an early Hanukkah gift for dave (lawls…YES I SHOP VERY EARLY) ITS SO JOHN WATSON YOU GUYS..UNFFF

….sorry I’m hyped on meds..weeeeeeeeee!!!

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