lunchtime at moma's

since my time in NYC is quickly unraveling my friends and I have made "NYC to do lists" because this time next week, I'll be visiting grandmere. I could not believe I didnt think to go to MoMA sooner, but luckily its like two blocks away from work, so with a hope skip and a jump I made a mad dash to MoMA for my lunch break today. (plus I get in free since I work for Time Inc >:D) My amuse bouche of MoMA was certainily delightful, and I NEED NEED NEED to make it back one more time (preferably like a monday or tuesday, less inconsiderate tourists who could careless about art) to finish the other two floors. It also definitely put the MCA to SHAAAAAME, but I still love my MCA (love you bb). I couldnt find any pieces by Ellen Gallagher, but I did find one by Karen Walker (black female artists I've written dissertations on) which still makes me happy. Saw lots of other inspirational pieces, but still NEED TO MAKE IT BACK 8D

Plus this is what I'm wearing today, I apologize for the crap phone photos, but i do feel like I'm getting a better hang of my personal style..:D

(jacket:vintage, silk blouse:vintage,shorts:topshop, shoes:vintage)

Glad the weekend is here~! Hopefully this could will pass and I'll be able to enjoy it more :D

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