i am ninja, you are ninja *pic heavy*


The first objective on the agenda with my mad weekend with dave was to hit up NINJA! This super awesome restaurant in TriBeCa that is a NERDS DREAM! Once entering you are taken through a cave—yes, a cave. Then down an elevator into another cave where a ninja POPS out of darkness before you. (Scaring the living daylights out of you as well.) Keep in mind that the lux levels of this joint it at bare minimum for the human eye to see. It’s almost haunted house quality of darkness.

Anyway, our cave ninja tour guide asks if we want to take the pedestrian route or the ninja route, AND DUH COURSE dave and I took the ninja route, which was as mind blogging as a sketch by M.C. Escher. Then, we are once again scared by the same ninja who came from a hidden path and taken to our edo period style seating area. It’s completely private from other tables from the other side of the bridge. Yes there are BRIDGES, rivers, trees, rocks, it looks exactly like a dream version of Ginza. I feel like I’m in a movie. (its very chic and cool, not sad and loud like rainforest cafĂ© that smells of mold from fake mist)

From there our ninja host/waiter helps us with our four course meals (this is fine dining gentlemen! Not just fanfare) a ninja magician performs traditional style japanese magic tricks, and dave is constantly out witted by ninja who attempts to duel with him. IT IS GREAT. And the food was DIVINE.

As our first course we shared buffalo fish and chips (which was SUPER GOOD) and smoked trout (my first experience with trout, and it was BOMB if you like salmon you’ll like trout..((it was raw fyi)) )
Second course: delicious ninja star sushi
Third course: A GIANT crab cake on a daikon, yummy yummy yum yum.
Fourth course: Korean BBQ style beef (that dave ate cause I don’t eat meat)
Desert: Ninja star chocolate mousse, which I was brought in to perform a trick, as well, to turn a metal star into a chocolate mouse star WITH FIRE.

Many of the dishes are performed with a presentation. I certainly had my best dining experience since France, honestly. The ninja’s are friendly and fun, the drinks are good too! I had a non alcoholic mojito (since I’m on meds still) and dave has the saki sampler and a Sapporo, but dave also has ron swansons alcohol tolerance.

If you’re coming to new york and are looking for the NYC experience without all the patriotism or people, GO TO NINJA YA HIPSTERS…the food is bomb, the service is awesome, and the experience is one you’ll never forget!

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