I’m totally kidding, my life is great, its my last week in NYC so im SO SAD.
I been balancing meeting, events, updating my comic blog, and trying to ge eleanorzine out there, but when I published the swf IT WAS BUGGED OUT, NOW I HAVE TO RE DO THE WHOLE FORMAT ((sobs)) I want to get it done before fall..

LOL..siiiiiiiiiiiiiigh (I apologize and thanks for being so patient) I really wish some people understood I’m doing all the formatting and etc, ALL BY MYSELF..but I digress, I know you’re depending on me…..

Ugh, meanwhile, I update my comic diary often because it’s a great release, I’ve been on a BOYS SUXXXXXX wavelength recently, and those of you who know me or talk to me daily, know why. Sometimes, I really just don’t understand…..

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