(im wearing, baby pink button down: F21, high waist shorts: F21, mr. rogers sweater: H&M, granny shoes: thrifted)

don't you love global warming? don't you love not being able to wear you're new or new to you fall wardrobe full of yummy mustards and decadent browns. instead you get to wear your summer clothes until one day it DROPS to 20 degrees below? besides, there's nothing better than extreme fluctuation in weather because we don't get extreme allergy flare ups and migraines, do we...?

I made a theory today, to one the reasons why chicago IS NOT the fashion capital of the world is because half the time we dress for necessity and not for making statements. Either its too hot to wear anything or too cold to even try. I still try...even though these past couple of days I DEMANDED that it was fall and wore my wools drenched in sweat, today I gave in and enjoyed this persistent heat wave. It's supposed to get up 80+ this weekend. I'm thinking...beach day? When in Rome...

(i kno i kno, the news the news! I'll let you know SOON ;D )

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