varsity blues


varsity jacket: vintage
floral turtle neck: vintage
hat: vintage
booties: vintage
jeans: h&m

This is my most favorite jacket. I mean it's the best of both worlds (kinda like hannah montana LOL JK) It's half pendleton sweater, half demin jacket. ALL VARISTY. It's kinda like me half & half. Haha! It goes with everything because I make it go with everything. It's so Angela Chase via My So Called Life, I loves it! I loves it with all my heart.

I also got this awesome flower print turtle neck on black friday thrifting. Dave was like " idk, looks a little grandma" obviously he doesn't know I love looking like an old lady AND I knew it would totally be awesome and weird. I've been dying to mix and match pendleton, with floral, & demin! Plus IM WEARING JEANS, how often does this happen? Finally found a pair of high waisted lovers at H&M, despite my "groovy" hair I'm not ready for bell bottoms, and low rise, show my butt and hurt my sensitivo kidneys~ no thanks!

I also wanted to say that the days I am able to wear a hat, I'M ECSTATIC, I normally can't wear hats because of my mane, so when I can, I wear them loud I wear them proud. Back in my straight hair days I used to wear hats nearly everyday, but today the feat is much harder. I'm trying to incorporate more hats in to my wardrobe because I can and it's what bernadette peters would have wanted.

HAPPY FRIDAY YALL, whose got hot hot plans, for once I don't IM EXHAUSTED. Might go see the lights at the zoo though, we'll see....

(ps i made my pics smaller, i felt like they were a little too big ...what do u think?? :D)


  1. love the look! awesome varsity jacket!


  2. I freaking LOVE your haaaaat

  3. you look like the cool 70's kid . ..


  4. Your jacket is so gorgeous! <3 and I love love love the hat you've paired with it!

    Lost in the Haze

  5. I didn't have any probs with your previous pics but I am digging this smaller size. :) And I was JUST about to ask you where you got your top. OF COURSE it would have to be a vintage find! Lucky girl. LMAO at "it's what bernadette peters would have wanted"! XD

  6. Fabuloussss, those boots are incredible!

  7. I am loving your jacket! The mix of denim and pendleton is truly amazing. I am also a fan of the high waist jean/short/skirt/pant. I tend to wear them more for the amazing corset-like power they possess for me lol. Your blog is amazing and I am definitely going to be a new follower :)

    Sarah Jane R.

  8. This outfit = amazing! I'm in love with your jacket!!

  9. That jacket really is all kinds of awesome. For a moment I thought you stitched a sweater to a denim vest a lá DIY style, haha! XD
    The jeans look great too ♥ Obsessed with high-waisted denim myself.

  10. I love this outfit, especially that jacket.

  11. hahaha yes best of both worlds. I also like your jeans they fit you great. Good luck on those rez's.

    Fashion Nostalgia

  12. For sure that jacket is all Bianca, it really suits you! And the jeans are great too, I don't like all these standing room only super low rise jeans all over the place, who enjoys constantly spilling out of their pants? DX

  13. Varsity jacket, kickin' Pendelton sleeves?


  14. Ooh girl, I love those booties!

  15. the hat looks great on you, what a shame you can't more often! (although def worth that awesome hair!!). Super cute top & no worries, grandma-y is totally in! Great coat & booties too : )


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