coat of many colors

dreamcoat: vintage
wool pants: vintage
red slippers: vintage
silk blouse: vintage
bolo tie: mother's
an all vintage look!

As far as I know, God doesn't play favorites. So why can't I have a technicolor dream coat like Joseph? Sure it doesn't give me magical dreams (indian food does that) But it does make me feel very special.

Again another piece found by my mother. You see she's a designer and she loves to use recycled and vintage fabrics in her work, BUT if she finds anything that I may like, she saves it just for me. We have a great relationship and she's always trying to find some of the coolest pieces for me to "blog about" haha!

I had to let to coat be the stand out piece but I've been curious to try to bracelet stacking method on my arm. It was tres cute for a while but then it cut off my circulation at dinner...c'est la vie!

Looking back at all my posts, my closet seriously looks like a bag a skittles..taste the rainbow :P


  1. The coat is quite fab, but I LOVE your bracelets ♥ Your mum is genius though.

  2. oh man your mom sounds soooo rad! i only go home every few months but when i do my mom always has a bag (or two!) of thrifted items she's been collecting for me, it's always fun to see what she thinks i'd wear!

  3. Such a cute coat!!! The print is so "now". Also loving your complementary jewelry.

  4. Love the dream coat! It's pretty awesome your mom finds such great items!


  5. You look awesome girl!

  6. Love this, your mother is awesome. And the stacked bracelets are really lovely.

  7. OMG! I love your jacket! Actually, the whole outfit, you have a really great aesthetic.


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