lazy sunday DIY

what a better thing to do this sunday than a DIY. I have been loving the idea of taking boring old shirts and turning them into something a little bit more fabulous. And after Refinery 29's DIY collars I just had to get up and DO IT!

What I used: A bershka viscose shirt ( I got in London actually) jewelry pliers, and a few vintage studs I was hanging on to for the perfect project. I almost never wear this shirt but its sentimental since I got it on my travels. Thats why I decided to DIY. So I could get more wear out of it.

Out of all my studs, I really fancy these little guys because the remind me of 80s meets western.

So far so good, I wanted to keep it simple not over worked...


What do you think? I thought it would look really cute with my fave oatmeal sweater and a red lip, no?
Such an easy DIY took me no longer than 30mins flat!

Anyway back to bumming around, I really want to see Ricky Gervais piss people off tonite #goldenglobes!


  1. SO SO SO SO SO beautiful!!
    Master of style! I bow to you!

  2. love it! I'm a sucker for a quick and easy DIY!


  3. Fabulous!!! It makes me want to run out and get some studs for my collared shirts :)

  4. Oh I saw that on R29 as well, I love yours! Usually people load them up with stuff but I like that you only did 3 on each side, chiiiiic

  5. the collar looks pretty awesome! well done lady!

  6. Wow that's awesome. I love it!

  7. nice! :d i've been wanting to put studs on a shirt collar too

  8. MAKE ME ONE?!? XD lol Too fabulous, girl!

  9. The embellishments look gorgeous, especially peeping out over the sweater! Awesome idea!


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