the sweetest thing

hey guys, if you haven't noticed I added a few more features to my and cleaned up the layout, it was getting too cluttered from before so I wanted add more negative and positive space. (photos are smaller too) As a graphic designer I'm always cleaning things up!

I also added a features sidebar, a cleaned up links, and added popular posts. I'm working on a more thorough about page so keep your eyes peeled on that number! Along with that news I just wanted to finally share some features I was in with some of my favorite blogs

black girls killing it

& black girls with long hair.

(which talks about my hair routine for those who are curious)

BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY check out this fanart from Amber!!! She calls me a muse I find that rather amusing but so lovely! ISN'T IT GREAT??? It's from this look for those who are curious!

makes me want to go back to making comics...I def need too, and now that my ipod got stolen I have nothing but time....:P


  1. You are seriously made of awesome, did you know that? ♥ Congrats on all the features!

  2. oh congrats on your many features!
    and the illustration - it's pure amazingness.

    xx //

  3. hey girl, your epic hope you know that


  4. Thanks for the plug, Muse! And YES you should draw comics again :D!!!!

  5. Your layout is definitely super clean. I like it! That comic of you is awesome too!

  6. Love the fanart!! Congrats on getting featured, Bianca!! :D Sorry to hear about your ipod though. :\

  7. Ahhh congratulations Bianca! You're one of my favorite bloggers so I feel really excited when I see your blog mentioned places :'3 Lovely layout!


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