gypsies, tramps, and thieves

sweater: thrifted
ruby chaffon skirt: thrifted
DIY shirt: Bershka (see DIY here)
boots: vintage
scarf: vintage
socks: jcpennys

I finally found the perfect look to accentuate my DIY. I love love love the way this one turned out. I got to wear my favorite colors, rubies and reds. I also been wearing skirts more. If you noticed, I've been a bit MIA, I got really sick and needed to change some habits, one being tight skinny jeans, say bye bye for now, my kidneys will thank me later.

On another note, what weather we've been having recently, talk about heat waves. I am MAJORLY nervous, this has been by far the MILDEST winter of my life. I'm constantly looking over my shoulder, waiting to take snow up the rear as repercussion for such nice weather. Not that I don't enjoy sunshine, but in JANUARY, in the upper midwest....fishy fishy.

regardless, what better time to enjoy nature. Dave and I took a walk through the forest preserve dressed like a gang of gypsies. We had fun running (and falling) through what was left of the snow, making hard pressed faces like a group of vagabonds walking to warmer weather. Its also a great time to making small talk with the locals. Since its been so nice people have been keeping up with their resolutions, running in the park, getting fresh air. It's nice also long as you stay active, but it IS still winter, so after a while, you do get frozen! Plus the fresh air did me a bit of good. I was getting depressed laying in bed for the past two weeks, so I put on the make up, dressed myself and got out. Mental health always makes you feel better physically. And so does vitamin D, thanks Mr. Sun.


  1. i really love your style and your vintage!

  2. hey bianca,
    I say it not to everybody...
    it´s unique...

    It would be nice when you visit my blog

    xoxo your MiKu

  3. Gorgeous photos. Your outfit is spectacular. I love the color scheme! Burgundy and rusty reds look great against your skin tone. Lol. What is Dave doing in that photo? So funny. Frame it!

  4. love this bright fun look !! and i ur sweater is pretty

  5. Awe,I hope you're feeling better by now bby :(
    You look gorgeous in these photos though & yay for getting out & enjoying the warm (if weird, yes XD) weather ♥

  6. you have the most amazing, original sense of style! I love how perfectly you have blended colours and fierce with feminine! Beautiful!

    loving your blog & now following x

  7. Glad you're feeling better - I love the color in this post! I know right, crazy warm winter, what is this about??

  8. you are the thrifted sweater queen!! I love the pattern and colors on this one and that scarf & the whole bohemian look you made is fantastic! Sounds like you two had a fun time, glad you can enjoy the outdoors right now, I never realized how lucky we were for at least half the year to be able to enjoy being outside over here in Phoenix.


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