mustard turtle neck: F21
polkadot skirt: thrifted vintage
kelly green cardi: french connection
heels: Urban Outfitters ($5 blk friday sale!)

watch: vintage pendleton (christmas gift from davie ♥)

I was just thinking to myself that I should have called my blog "queen of dots" but then I realized I would have to wear dots ALL THE TIME. Which I mean, wouldn't be TERRIBLE because I dooo looooove polka dots. Honestly I don't feel like I wear them enough, but I feel like they are soooooo me! Like honestly, they SCREAM BIANCA!! More than any other pattern. I think part of it is associated with this favorite picture of mine from my childhood. I was wearing dots even as a tot, so they have just grown with me. SO bubbly and free, unexpected and happy, like me :)

It snowed a bit again, thank the Lord, I was worried. My mom questioned my happiness and my response was "cheap peaches!" sure it was random, but I understood what I meant, which can be better explained in my previous post.

Regardless of the snow, its still not FREEZING for chicago, so I slapped on my favorite pair of glasses and decided to surprise Dave by dressing a little girly! AND LOOK MAW, IM WEARING HEELS, remember this moment people, it may not happen again for a loooong time.

(23 skidoooo!)


  1. oh man that baby picture is too presh! and gosh i used to have a skirt like that but in this rad green color and thinking about how much i miss it is the reason i am TERRIFIED to get rid of clothes nowadays. and i LOVE that the heel on those shoes have a vintage feel. uhm i guess basically i'm super into this post, you look fab as always!

  2. Haha, I agree, polka dots are so you!! ♥ I love this look on you & yay for breaking out the heels! ;)

  3. The skirt is just divine! I have been trying to find something like that for ages...All though last week, i picked up a Dotted blouse, i am still searching for a perfect skirt though. I really do love your style,i find it quirky and fun :)

  4. I really love that mustard turtleneck. Golden yellow is your color

  5. I love that baby pic of you, Bianca! You rock polka dots well. :D I've been on the hunt for something polka-dotted to add to my wardrobe. Wish me luck!

  6. you look adorable- like the color combo here! So funny about polka dots- how you wrote it def sounded like polka dots to me too, if that makes any sense. I guess I love polka dots more in theory, I always forget to wear the few things I have but maybe it's becuase they don't fit so great either... winter seems back in Phoenix as well, I am SO happy because Spring basically means summer over here.


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