blue jeans

cityscape colorblock blouse: c/o sugarlips
blue jeans: doll house
bone marrow necklace: mother's
red flats: vintage
bag: UO

hope the title of the post gets a Lana Del Rey song stuck in your head. Anyway... regardless of it wanting to feel like spring in Chicago or not, I will still prance around barefoot in the park until the weather changes its mind.

It helps me relax. I've been so on edge lately with graduating, I really just want to curl up under the sheets, turn up some billy idol, and wash away...but other days I wanna get dressed up and run outside, it's really therapeutic. It helps put things in perspective, makes me feel small...overall, I think I'm just getting post-grad nerves....

nothing like putting on some bright blue jeans, a rad colorblocked shirt & hanging in a tree to make you smile. I feel like Refinery29 would be so proud of me for totally being on trend with my colored demin! (Hee hee) You can also get this awesome awesome shirt from Sugarlips, and be cool like me. Because I'm totally cool when I'm not having a quarter life crisis....


  1. Lovely! Your color is a great hue of electric blue. It's fun to see you looking "trendy". :]

  2. Ugh Bianca, how are you so consistently perfect? I'm glad you've been able to find relief from stressful matters such as collage by running barefoot through grass <3

  3. i went through the same kind of thing when I graduated college - what am I doing with my life? But it passes soon enough! just keep doing what you're doing and stuff works out! Love your outfit!!

  4. Love this combo. That shirt is perfect on you :)

  5. I feel so comfortable looking at the picture of you with your feet on the grass... Love the necklace ! :D

  6. Yes, yes yes! I'm gonna have to start following this blog.

  7. I love the jeans and the necklace!!

  8. Killer necklace.


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