sally albright on acid

After leaving new york I find myself obsessed with the culture again. Watching late 80s early 90s sitcoms and movies, one of my favorites aforementioned is When Harry Met Sally. I mean this movie is one of the forefathers of back and forth banter and story lines about nothing.

One of the things I adore about this movie, besides the fact that it takes place in glorious Manhattan in the 80s, is the lovable Billy Crystal. Despite recent terms, Crystal is so cute in this film, so different than romcoms today where the leading man needs to be nothing more than a piece of dumb meat.

But beyond Billy, my all time favorite aspect of WHMS is...well...Sally's clothes. I mean c'mon she's predates Elaine Benes and follows in suit of Diane Keaton. She's loveable, anal, all around quirky, and her sense of style is TO DIE. She goes from Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa to full blown Annie Hall in 12 years time. Her curls are big as her smile, and I can't help but think I was subliminally influences by her as a child watching this film on late Saturday nights on WGN.

I took the ideas of Ms. Albright's clothing, modernized it a bit, and made it ready for Spring. But I kept all the classics in tow--hats, high waists, blouses, sweaters in summer, and of course oxfords. Even though Harry told Sally she would look much lovelier in dresses, I love how Sally holds true to herself in classic Katherine Hepburn way. If a guy doesn't love you this quirky, he'll never love you.


  1. I love this collection inspired by Sally the colors are great for this season

  2. You picked my fav Norah Ep movie and my fave Madewell combo - AWESOME

  3. Nice set! I haven't seen that movie before myself...

  4. What a great movie, and GREAT clothes inspiration.


  5. I've only seen this movie once a long long time ago…maybe I'll watch it right now if it's on Netflix! I love the clothes you picked out~ The dotted socks on the left are so cute! I love the mix of pastely colors contrasted with the bright oranges!


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