barbie doll

pink blazer: vintage
linen shorts: (that i ironed all day just for them to...ugh) american apparel
shoes: UO
chiffon & jersey mint blouse: NYC boutique
floral tank: gifted
pearls: vintage
watch: gifted
adrian tomine tote: strand bookstore

I'm just hanging on here with my moms after a whirlwind weekend in NYC. I had to make an urgent visit for some private matters ( though I did get some shopping done!) but more about that later. Last night I made dinner for my mother and we watched her favorite show over a glass of wine--fashion star.

I think we make the best critics choosing who should stay and who should, one of my girls who sadly is no longer there, is a chicago fashion star of her own, Barbara Bates. She invited me to come down to her studio last week, and of course it was da bomb! (yes...THE BOMB) I was able to see her work first hand and rub elbows with all the cool kids like Curvatude and Afrobella. Whenever I get invited to events I always debate on what should I wear, should I go chic blogger style or just be my ol weird self. Of course I choose the ladder, have we just met? (and if we have...nice to meet you ;) )

As always I'm channeling my inner late 80s early 90s new yorker....always...I feel like Barbara Bates enjoyed my look, hee hee... we even got to talk glasses! She has a little talk with us and her story is just so powerful. She challenges me to keep pushing towards my dreams...After going to the Bates studio, I am inspired to keep striving for the best.


  1. Oh my gosh, pink and mint are so lovely together

  2. This is such a lovely look. The blazer is just fantastic - I just want it so bad! I love your pink shorts but the wrinkling of the linen would drive me up a wall so bad it's not even funny.

  3. It's so wonderful to come so close to inspiring women :)
    Love the outfit too. The shoes!!

  4. I loveeee this post Bianca - THE COLORS, YOUR LOVELY FACE, THAT OUTFIT, ETC. ETC. ♡ω ♡

  5. not sure who that lady is but you do for sure remind me of a classy hip New Yorker in the early 90s. I LOOve how you have such a distinct you style! love the pinks together but hmm all that ironing makes me want to stay away from AA & stick w/ thrifted shorts ; )


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