a quick jaunt

As I said earlier, I had to make a quick trip to NYC for some urgent matters. My brother came with for support and overall we kinda had a blast! He hasn't nearly spent as much time in the big city as I. When my mom took trips for work I would take off school to tag along, and even as my career develops I am constantly there.

I took him to all my favorite haunts such as two boots pizza, and union square. And while he was napping I did my shopping! Trololo! I made him take some corny pictures for mom as well. She was smitten with the idea of me taking a little trip with my brother. She's constantly afraid NY will chew me up and spit me out. But I ♥ NY, why would it do that??

Also, I don't normally do hauls, BUT these are my little NYC treats, 2 shirts from american apparel outlet! (love that place) Japanese magazines from Kinokuniya (including an Ikumi model book, LOVE HER) Some new glasses, Utz potatoe chips (REPRESENT) and Tokyo & New York Fashion collection book from S/S 1991!!!! GAWD DONT YOU LOVE? (I regret saying that) I seriously died for this book. I even got to haggle the price down. SO MUCH INSPO, I mean it's not only NYC fashion week but retro Japanese???!! So much...incredible-ness....I will scan some better pictures soonish!


  1. Fabulous haul from NY - and it's greta that you got to spend some quality time with your brother!

    Sorry to hear that it was under such a trying situation, though.

  2. The 1991 Fashion book is super duper rad and I don't even like 90s fashion!

    A | V // vintage blog

  3. Oh, that last picture of the blue dress... Be still, my heart!
    Ah, NYC :)

  4. 1 You look beautiful 2. I want ALL YOUR THINGS

    Do you read Ikumi's blog? It's so fun!


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