polka crop top: american apparel
high waist pants: american apparel
granny loafers: vintage
safari scarf: vintage
glasses: target
watch: vintage pendleton
tote: c/o  madewell

I think I'm starting to understand the prhrase "work hard, play hard" I used to think it was a bar fly's excuse to get smashed every weekend, but now I'm understanding the simple of joys of having free time. When I first finished school I found myself with an abudance of time that I feel like I pissed off watching netflix, eating, not doing anything I wanted to accomplish. Now my time off is spent doing creative things that I didn't have the motivation to do before. But more than that, I think I enjoy the simple joys of life more. When I had time to waste, I felt more depressed, now in my life I feel as though I have time to cherish.

Weekends are also an excuse for me to dress as I please. I wore this look a few weekends back and I always feel like the weekend is the best time for me to feel like me. Though I am getting more and more brave in the office. I was crazy inspired by Emma Stone's look in the latest issue of Vogue, it so cooky-70s-tomboy-Annie Hall I can't stand it! I can't wait till fall to fully dress like this. Summer is more difficult, my favorite cuts are pants and blouses, not so great in the heat! Thankfully summer has been nice to me...thus far. In the meantime, weekends are meant to play. Play with colors, patterns, glasses and hair. Weekends are meant to have fun, and fun is what I'm going to have.

Cheers to the freakin weekend....youre only two days away 


  1. sweet lil nautical tinged look.

    J x

  2. Oh this is just too cute! The colors are so bright and cheerful and I love how you added the cute scarf! Tying it in a sailor's bow and the print itself brings such whimsy to your look. Also, I really like your new glasses. I saw you got them from Target but are they prescription? They're super cute and fit your style really well.

  3. NOW I MUST GET A NECKERCHIEF because I saw it on you and I need it

  4. I LOVE your glasses SO much! I really want a pair of trouser pants but I have no clue about the proper fit or size to buy. They all look super awkward on me.


  5. The trousers- love the high waist and the colour!
    I'm still in that funk/slump of having too much free time and limiting myself creatively. Trying to work away from it!

  6. I love high waisted trousers such a great shape and great vintage style! x

  7. Loving this look, definitely one my favourites:) You inspired my outfit today, so thanks!

  8. That last pic is awesome!! Love this preppy chic look. :D

  9. I LOVE your frames! I got a pair like this but they're way huge for my face but I'm still going to try and work it.


  10. Hey Bianca! Cute look as usual!! Thanks for following my blog :) and haha I've been following you for months now! :P

  11. Wow your ultra high waist pants are fab and the scarf cinches your getup together perfectly!

  12. Ahh, love this combo.

  13. Is there any way you can tell me what size your pants are, I'm trying to buy some and I want to get the right size.

  14. and then I will by these trousers. So much love for your sweet stylin lately miss. x


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