it so say goodbye

(photo by Tres Awesome)

I'll admit guys, I'm a little depressed. My homegirl Shani Silver, the queen bee of Refinery 29 is leaving the Chi, (why jeebus why) She has helped launch the career of bloggers like me and other Chicago faves. She has given us the inside scope of everything cool and everybody neat in the Chi-town area! And now, she bids us a farely well. I can't stands it! She made I only hope her replacement is just as awesome as she, but they'll never be Ms. Shani!

On the plus side, before she leaves Chicago forevs, she's offering a writing class to help out all aspiring writers who would like to start a blog, improve their blog editorially, or even possibly some day be the next Chicago editor of Refinery29! Check out her class, get learned, start your writing career! I'm sure whatever advice she has to offer is solid gold.

If you don't have time to take the class, please take the time to tell Shani goodbye! @shanisilver
Chicago won't be the same without her, neither will Big Star...haha!

Click here to find out moooore!! :)


  1. Oh her writing class sounds very useful - I just write however I want on my blog totally disregarding all the writing classes I just finished in uni. A spelling mistake? oh well XDD

    It's too bad she has to leave, it's so nice of you to honor her!

  2. Aw, boo on that, but wishing her all the best for the future :)

  3. Thanks much for the information. I might take her class, it's always good to learn.

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  5. Hi Bianca, I've tagged you in my latest post - it's for a little blog award thingy. Don't feel under any pressure to take part (I know you must be busy and it does take a while)but I had to nominate some of my fav blogs and immediately thought of yours! Anyway, here's the link:)


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