you must be brave

Everything: vintage
hair: hair rules curly whip
glasses: bonlook
Bracelet: The Brave Collection

I already know how some people think of me. "You must be brave to../go out dressed like that/wear your hair grey/meet people from the interwebs" But I'm sure I made it clear I don't really hold the value of other peoples words much to a grain of salt.

I love encouragement, I care for support, all of your kind comments wake me up each day wanting to improve myself, but judgement? Not my style...

Maybe its the stress of being "an adult" but I recently discovered more grey hairs than the one I had nearly ten years ago when I turned 16. I sort of look forward to being all white (since they turn white and not grey like my grandparents), I'm in no rush to cover them up. What's wrong with aging? I'm learning to be more graceful about it. I use to close my eyes a wish "this was all over with".."next year will be better" "no, NEXT year will be better" but its really a landslide before I'm 35 with 3 screaming kids and and stressed out husband! I think I'll enjoy this next decade of my life of being a woman. Sounds weird, but when people look at me, seeing a child is nearly through, they see a grown ass woman, with bills, a job, a life! A life I tend to take care of, than worry over the small things like a few grey hair. Besides, I think I earned my stripes! Don't you?

Plus I'm wearing my bracelet from The Brave Collection, it also encourages me to stay strong. With all the suffering in the world, what's so bad about a few grey hairs? Throw on a jumpsuit and enjoy life! And perhaps support a cause or two...


  1. Haha. Aw, what an encouraging post! Lovely to see your bubbly, democratic, and optimist attidude. How so very Walt Whitman of you! :) Love the jumpsuit, I really love the blazer to give it unexpected "business" structure.

    Also, I've closed my blog Skinny Nobody and moved on to a brand spanking new one at Hope you check it out!

  2. I found a gray hair recently too - I think you have a great attitude about it, why be afraid of something everyone has to do?

    I LOVE that print!

  3. I knew a boy who was more than half grey by the time he graduated highschool!
    And for the record, your hair is the bomb dot com.


  4. i hear ya about the white hair. i'm actually sad that i don't have any myself. i tried to dye some of my hair white when i was 20, but my hair was too dark for it to stick. being an adult makes me have to take more bubble baths. so much stress!
    -- andrea

  5. Wise words as ever! What's that quote by Jeremy Scott? "Life's too short to wear boring clothes" - something like that anyway.

  6. I love this outfit, you find the most amazing vintage stuff. That blazer is perfection. I think it's better to dress the way you feel, rather than live to regret not trying different styles. This is the part of your life where you can have fun, I'm hopefully going to make the most of 2013 and travel a bit before all of that serious stuff.


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