as simple as black and white

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If you've noticed anything about my blog over time is that my style of dressing as become simpler. Still high waists and jackets, but more...let's say "grown up" I was feeling like black and white the other day, a color combo I HARDLY wear, which got me thinking, life recently has not been that simple.

Between new shows like Orange is the New Black, Nicolette's amazing piece on Harpars Bazaar September Campaign, The Trayvon Ebony Controversy, Oprah's September issue, and this piece in the New York Times; life between black and white has never been more grey. Frankily I'm annoyed. What is happening to diversity? Why is it so hard? And why do people who can't seem to understand the concept of diversity always boil it down to a black versus white problem? Last time I looked outside MY WINDOW there are p l e n t y of other cultures to be represented than white and black americans. Yet it always seems to get boiled down to that issue. Yes, it IS an issue, a BIG ISSUE, but I'm tired of it always coming down to "oh look, now 'the blacks' are mad because they didn't get what they wanted" stop making us look like brats, and STOP making us look like the ONLY ONES who care that were are poorly represented in the media. It's rare that I turn on my television and an a person from the middle east is seen as a "bad guy" or a person from south america is always sexy. Or how about how asians are always bookish or people in the gay community are so heavily stereotyped for feel bad for the actor. RACISM & PREJUDICE GOES BEYOND JUST BLACK AND WHITE. And until we see the bigger problem than playing this school yard game of tit for tat, we cannot progress.

But that's just my two cents.

In other news, it's friday, lets be happy. And let's enter that glorious giveaway yes? photo wt7_zps44d916da.jpg photo wt6_zps73b27b12.jpg photo wt1_zpsad93c507.jpg photo wt3_zps44c37d04.jpg


  1. I absolutely love the simplicity of this - you look stunning and your shoes are beauts xo

  2. i adore the shoes, the watch and the pants..and ofcourse your hair is looking lovely in the wind..curly/kiny gals!

  3. i look up to you, you have a special spark about you its nice

  4. really like this look and it's simplicity :)

  5. I am also obsessed with wearing black and white. It never fails me. You look faboosh! I agree with you that the media is pretty biased... it's people like you who prove them wrong!

  6. I'm discovering your blog and I love it!!! I'm now following you!

  7. Love the look. And good point. We're not mad! I would say concerned is a better word.

  8. BEAUTIFULLY WRITTEN! Wow, diversity is phasing out more n' more each day, though it seems the opposite! I have my reasons for saying that but I will refrain. All we can do is get our education, be intelligent n' kill'em with kindness!

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