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I just realized I never shared these photos that I took on my day trip to New Buffalo, Michigan. I really enjoy the little nautical towns off the coast of Lake Michigan. Sure, Chicago has some powerful views, but once you leave the city, you get to see some wondrous beaches, that are, CLEAN, versus the dumb Chicago calls a beach. It's really been too cold to go to the beach all summer, which is a bummer because I just got a new suit from curlee bikini, that I may NEVER WEAR! Don't fret though, curlee bikini and I are teaming up to give one of you guys a lovely suit before summer bids us adieu. At least one of us should enjoy the beach right? Stay tuned....

(oh et bienvenue à mon blog, copains nouveau! merci pour les commentaries chou!)

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  1. You look peachy keen in those pants!! and I love your instagrammmm

  2. Lovely photos!!



  3. Lovely pictures, I love your outfit.

    Loves. RJ

  4. I found your blog through your Une Femme est Une Femme post, and being a film/photography buff myself I am so glad I did! Such beautiful photography. I look forward to reading more!


  5. beautiful photos/perspective
    shoes: divina


  6. Instagram followed!


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