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HEY GUYS! I've been working on some exciting projects, DESPERATELY waiting for warmer weather, and spring cleaning the blogspot for 2014! For a while I thought about quitting you guys, I thought about giving up, I felt frustrated with my blogging, I felt like I lost myself, but then I realized the main person who stands in my way is MYSELF, doi! I ready to take on 2014 with such force you guys are going to inspired to do the same in your own life! Now more resolutions, not more "goals" that stand in the way of our happiness, no more waiting on that damn 5 - 10 lbs that comes and goes every other month, let's stop saying we're going to do it, and let's just go do!

Hope you guys are feeling as pumped as moi! BOOYA!


  1. I love the new layout and your hair is amazing :)

  2. Glad you didn't quit us...and absolutely! This is something I'm constantly learning and applying. JUST DO IT. Best slogan ever created.

    ♥ CA

  3. i'm so glad you decided to stay. i love your blog, and you make a good point. no need to wait for stuff...just make a go for it. it's now or never! looking forward to the year ahead. i've been spring cleaning my blog, too. like how clean yours looks =-)

  4. So glad you've decided to stay a blarging and that there'll be more. Transitions are always so frustrating and nerve-wrecking but necessary. Not even our favourite blogs can stay the same forever. Looking forward to the new stuffs.


  5. Dear Bianca you have to keep going in a good & positive energy cause it's just you for real :)) You're a beaut adore these pics. Have a great day M-C

  6. Love the layout, and I'm so pumped that you've decided to continue blogging. You're honestly one of the most stylish bloggers around, and I really relate to your fashion sense. Vive la Blargh! :)

    - Samantha

  7. yeah girl!!!! DO YOU :) blogging can feel like a vapid vacuum of the same dress that 100 other bloggers are wearing.. but that problem easily solved by just being yourself. and you my lady, are pretty awesome!

  8. Lookin' good blog!! I'm thinking positivity is going to be my goal in 2014, LET'S DO THISSSS


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