addiction: pink

polka dot sweater: vintage
pants: vintage Pendleton
shoes: F21
shirt: LUSH
watch: geneva

clearly I have an addiction to this color, I feel like I wear it too often, but I LOVES IT- OMG. It's so bright and loud, and you can't help BUT stand out. I am also addicted to color blocking..aka can't stop won't stop. I love looking like a crayola! ♥♥♥

Plus I did a little experiment with this particular combo. This is the "day" version of it, because I had a party to attend after work, and I didn't want to go to work full throttle. I also wanted to consider comfort, by day I am a graphic designer, so I'm sitting most of the time, which is why I love high waisted pants, no coin slots,...can my badonk-a-donk sisters give me a what what~!...=_="

Needless to say, pink and blue are my new favoirte color combos btw, or at least hot fuchsia and minty blue. Oh and plus who doesn't love a fancy new watch, again another addiction of mine.

ya know what else is addicting, this song "addiction" by medina...I HEARD IT EVERY WHERE in new york, every store I walked into felt like a euro club, and normally I'm like SUPER HIPSTER ONLY LISTEN TO INDIE MUSIC, but I have a secret crush on dance music, perhaps it strands from my anime days, who knows....

whose happy this is a short week!?


  1. This is such a cute outfit! I love the boldness of the pink and the flashes of "mint" blue. Also, if you're still wanting to jam to house music on the down low, check out 99.9 on your FM dial. They play house music everyday. (9pm on weekdays, 8 on weekends).

  2. blue and pink. I approve.
    and i added you on lookbook, beautiful!

  3. I am a huge fan of bright colors so I am practically drooling over here! *___*

  4. its a color that suits you well!

  5. Love the head-to-toe pink, and your shoes are so perfect x

  6. Love this on you... You were made to wear bright pink, haha! ♥ I like how you coordinated it with the 'minty blue' shirt too ;)

  7. Those pants are insanely awesome! I love that you own a totally matching sweater!

  8. I found your blog, and I literally went through almost all of it. I think I found my biggest fashion crush! I love eeeeeeverything you wear, and I just want to say you're absolutely brilliant. :]
    And pink and blue look great together, can't go wrong.

  9. Oh you look great in pink! It's a color I can't really wear/feel like wearing. But I love seeing it done well like this XD

  10. You know what else is addicting? Your face! I love these photos lady.
    I'm tumbling tumbling tumbling.

  11. WOOT NO COIN SLOTS. Ha, that is essentially the reason I don't wear pants. ever.

    DAMN IT WOMAN. How do you have such amazing thrifted finds? I love love love love loveeeee all pink everything.

    Basically, I gots a big style crush on you!


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