cause you were all yellow

jacket: Vintage Pendleton
mustard turtleneck: F21
highwasited linen pants: French Connection
Boots: Vintage
Yellow Socks: A.Apparel

I'm feeling rather chill lately, I needed to push the SOPA thing to the back of my mind because I allowed it to distract me from doing what I love best~BLOGGING, plus I only have two weeks left in school this semester, so the work load is on the UP AND UP. BUT-I'm all about getting things done before the weekend. Weekends are for party partying not for mulling over a dissertation on retro futurism till sunday night :/

When I'm feeling bum or stressed, I WEAR MY FAVORITE COLORS. I'm so glad color blocking is "in" because without the "guise" of fashion, I would look strange, haha jk I look strange regardless, especially out in Roger Park last weekend. Dave and I took his little sister to a campus tour at Loyola U. Boy it brought back memories of being SO STRESSED over which college to choose, will I make any friends, etc etc. To be honest I feel like college is basically like high school, people are still the same, I was still the weird kid. BUT I LOVE BEING THE WEIRD KID. I think college does encourage you to be you though.

Regardless, It was SUCH a beautiful day on the lakefront! It has dropped down to the 30s now. I almost regret not choosing a school not closer to the lake, although when it snows, GOOD LUK!

I'm just happy I NEVER have to think about COLLEGE again for another 25+ years when my future kids are ready to accumulate some debt, till then~



  1. U have such great hair and I love the view !!!

  2. Haha...the third pic is just awesome! XD You wear mustard well. I on the other hand look like snot in this color. =\ Love the lakefront pics!

  3. Aw your smile is really cute! Looks like you had fun frolicking in the park lol
    Lucky you you can take a break on the weekend! I think I have to sacrifice mine to uni lol :/

  4. I love that your jacket has yellow lines going through~ Matches so well!
    Choosing schools is worry about all sorts of things~ It feels so long ago~ GLAD IT'S OVER WITH~ I have two weeks left as well....gonna be two HORRIBLE weeks of torture, crying, and no sleep...BUT it's only two weeks~ We can do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. gosh you have the best blazer! i love your pokemon picture

  6. Amazing photoset! ♥ Love the outfit as always... The Pokemon pic is so cute, haha!

  7. i have vintage boots that look exactly like that! lol, are your danskin?

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