like sonia rykiel....

sweater: thrift
jeans: dollhouse
boots: vintage
glasses: bonlook
socks: jcpenny
silk shirt: vintage
navajo inspired watch: gift from dave

It's still sweater weather, and the weather is but hey some days its warm others its freezing, but always perfect weather for a sweater. This is more of how I dress casually, but with still a bit of amusement. With yet another awesome thrifted sweater find. I LOVE how LOUD it is, my mom remarked that it reminded her of Sonia Rykiel, and yes it does! I only wish it were one. but oh well! Plus these jeans I got many moons ago, I want to say maybe 6 years ago? Back when color demin was cool, I've held on to them hopping they'd come back in style and just my luck Gap is promoting colored demin this year! LOOOOVE this look by eat.sleep.wear. Plus, I thought I'd try Julia Topaz's signature bun. But I don't know...maybe I should try again....

Oh and by the by the is the last time you'll see me in these glasses, I decided they were not me, but luckily bonlook has a WONDEFUL exchange policy. Found a new pair that I simply cannot take off! You'll see.

*such a ham in these pictures today! :P OH AND THANKS for all the lovely words and reminsicng of our geekier days in my last post!! plus as always...ENTER THE GIVEAWAY!


  1. That sweater seriously is a keeper ♥ Totally see the Sonia Rykiel influence!

  2. HEARTS IN MY EYES. I'm definitely getting Sonia Rykiel vibes from that sweater - absolutely D I V I N E. Also, your hair looks incredible!

  3. I heart you! I just made this blog my blog's "Blog of the Week" (how many times can I fit 'blog' into one sentence?). Your style is awesomeness!

  4. I kind of love the bun. Your bangs look adorable this way.
    Also, those pants are awesome.


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