casual saturation

colorblocked shirt: vintage
high waist crop pants: french connect uk
belt & granny shoes: thrift
watch: charming charlie

Something about this day reminded me of a world between Two Face & Jean Michel Basquiat. Perhaps it has something to do with my recent trip to comic con, and my thesis on Basquiat.

On my last day of c2e2 (comic con) I made a quick jaunt to my old stomping grounds, to grab a deliciously baked donut from the panderia, and if you have never been to a panderia, YOU'RE SRSLY MISSING OUT! So fresh, so yummy, so terrible for you, yet--no preservatives! So that makes it right again.  Of course being in my old 'hood allowed for some stares in my split personality shirt, but I've been dying to show this shirt to you all since I've bought it. I tried several looks, but it seems that the more casual I wear this the better it looks. I do wish I had some wine color lipstick on, but maybe that would have been over the top? Hey I also noticed that this is a sequential post from two days ago. More color blocking yay! I honestly feel you can get away with being more casual with colorblocking....

Anyway, back to coding, it's my last week of school, I graduate next weekend with a bunch of people born in the 90s (still weird) lol, oh well ;)


  1. I JUST

    I can't even.

    It's so good.

  2. congrats on being done with school you 90's baby! I love your blouse the covered buttons really make it pop! I saw Basquiat's work a few blocks down from where I live at the Brooklyn Museum a few years back. It was an incredible exhibition.

  3. You are seriously so amazing. Your style is so unique and I love everything about it. I'm so glad I was able to meet you at the Topshop event. You must come visit me in New York.


    Luis (my blog!)

  4. That shirt is ridiculously on trend. Can't believe it's vintage - which is great! Love the color combo of color-blocking and navy. Very fun yet not too in-yo-face.

    PS. The UO became a surplus about a year or three ago - the one on Clark/Fullerton. If you have to go if you haven't been yet. So much good for so cheap. :]

  5. You have such a great style!
    Enjoy your day!
    Sara C.

  6. That shirt!! I love it!
    And congrats on graduating! :)

  7. You are constantly killin' it & I am constantly jealous of said killin' it.

    Congrats on graduating!

  8. i have that watch too! it's like the coolest thing ever

  9. your pants are awesome.

    congratulations on graduating this year! I have one more year left! I'm so nervous~
    I finished my studio final on friday...thank you so much for the kind words earlier. They really helped!!!
    Good luck with everything Bianca! You're gonna do so well!!

  10. Well you're graduating so that's all that matters! Congrats :D Love that colorblocked shirt!

  11. can i raid your closet?! and congrats on graduating!!! in hawaii we give leis to each other on graduation so here is my digital lei *leis you*

  12. Very cool outfit. LOVE that top.

  13. I love this outfit! You commented on my blog about wanting a skirt I bought. It's sold out but if I could not get it I would make one. Get crafty and whip one up.


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