complicated ties

tie: vintage 
oxblood blouse: need supply 
boyfriend trousers: french connection 
belt: vintage 
cardi: h&m shoes: f21watch: vintage pendleton

Hey friends, I know I fell off the face of the earth for a moment there, but that's because I was party partying for my birthday. Now it's back to business basics, though honestly I dress pretty business-y 365 days a week. Maybe because I'm just a big ole nerd.

 Despite ties being ruined in the the early millennium by a Miss Avril Lavigne, I'm ready to make things less complicated by rocking them in the way Cybil Shepard use to do in the 70s. After Madewell sent me a catalog and I saw all the ties in their fall collection, I had to admit that my love for ties has been rekindled. And honestly I truly thought I would never love them again! Plus for 3 ties for a $1 at my local thrift I can have a tie for every day of the week!

But as for wearing a tube sock on your arm, not sure about bringing that back....

Now if you'll excuse me I have a pumpkin spice latte calling my name

(ps today's the last day to enter the GIVEAWAY)


  1. I love this! You always look so awesome in trousers. And that tie paired with the cardigan is the best. You make me want to find a tie and wear it right this second.

  2. i like this! i wonder if avril lavigne will wear a bridal tie when she marries chad kroeger.

  3. Such a cute look. Love how you've tucked your tie in! x

  4. This is just a super great outfit !

    See U

  5. this is the best— stripes and floral will always be my favorite!

  6. Just discovered your blog- really original style


    Have I mentioned how much I LOVE Moonlighting?


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