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Cat lapel pin: Datter
Jacket: Vintage Pendleton 49ers
Sweater: H&M
Blouse: Vintage
Trousers: French Connection
Boots: Vintage

I've been dying for the opportunity to wear this Pendleton 49ers jacket but I didn't realize how much of a lumber jack I looked like until after I took these photos. But looking like a lumber jack is kind of cool! There's just something about plaid that screams christmas to me! Even if its not a red tartan. These bad boys were taken in a target parking lot yesterday, which was surprisingly warm. (and tornado-y) All my friends are wishing for snow, but I try to wish harder to cancel out their wishes...

I guess that sounds mean, but I have to commute in that snow....AND IT SUCKS...I'm not 5 anymore so having a white christmas is not necessary for me. Adult don't get "snow days"

Suburban shopping during the holidays IS THE WORST. Dave and I ventured out to Indiana yesterday for breakfast and target shopping. I've never been stared at so badly. I was surprised really! I mean with all the recent advertising featuring curly haired black and biracial women, YOU'D THINK I WOULDN'T BE THAT MUCH OF AN ANOMALY TO PEOPLES MINDS, but unfortunately for the red states I'm just a little too ethnic...I guess anything more ethnic than a taco bell is just OUT OF CONTROL

This is why I shop online, no lines, no crazy folks, no judgement. Plus, I can always find one of kind pieces like this awesome cat pin by datter...JALOUSE MUCH? YOU KNO U IS....

I still love Target, just not in the burbs....


  1. I unfortunately understand you on this. I live in Atlanta, but once you travel more than 30 mins away from the city you are liable to hear ALL KINDS of deplorable things. Some people are just reluctant to change I suppose.
    You have been hitting it out of the ballpark with your winter dressing!

  2. I love the shirt and your shoes - gorgeous xo

  3. Love your hair! You have such cool style!

  4. That color is beautiful on you! Looks super warm :) And hey I say don't worry about standing out!


  5. i guess i've only been to very melting-pot places. but my friend have told me that when he went to work in alberta the locals used to stare at him because they've never seen asian people before. but they were very nice to him anyway~

    and i love your hair
    my perm is falling out ;_;

  6. lovvvvvvvvvvvvee the outfitt!
    it's to die for,,
    following you!
    follow back?

  7. The layering in this outfit is so awesome! You always layer so nicely though, what else should I expect? I love your blue plaid blazer and the pretty color of your vintage blouse.

  8. I am unsurprised by your experience...I passed through Indiana after spending some time in Chicago this summer and it seemed like the weirdest place ever. Online shopping ftw.

    Object Log

  9. When you're dressed stylishly and have rockin' hair and look like you stepped out of a magazine, why do you assume people stare because they're ignorant? It's not like you parachuted into an Amish community. Try not to assume the worst of people. It takes too much negative energy. They were probably staring because you looked good.

    I live in a fairly diverse area but RARELY see black or biracial women sporting their natural hair. I LOVE the natural curls. It's breathtaking. I think we're so accustomed to seeing black and biracial women do everything to their hair BUT just let it be that it's truly a thing of beauty when we see hair like yours. That's why we stare.


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